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Changes we have made to meet social distancing requirements:

Due to COVID19 we have had to temporarily change the way we operate to meet social distancing requirements.


We are suppliers for county and district road maintenance crews .They have been deemed "essential" therefore we will remain open to supply them with any needs they may have. We also provide a free dump site for clean cow and horse manure that we recycle. And we recycle brush/clean green for a fee therefore we will be open to prevent any potential health hazards. Governor Jay Inslee also referred to gardening as essential for mental health in his press conference 03/23/2020 when announcing the stay at home order. Please review the safety precautions we have taken to keep our employees and customers safe. 

We are one of the only legal free dump sites (in the county) for horse/cow manure. & animal bedding We provide a free site for local farms (horse and cow) to get rid of the animal bedding and manure. See page 4 of Inslee's essential businesses for food and agriculture. We also provide bedding for local farms. We recycle manure/animal bedding brought in by producing topsoil and mulch products. We must sell them to keep up with the manure & animal bedding brought in to our farm.

"Animal agriculture workers to include those employed in veterinary health; manufacturing and distribution of animal medical materials, animal vaccines, animal drugs, feed ingredients, feed, and bedding, etc.; transportation of live animals, animal medical materials; transportation of deceased animals for disposal; raising of animals for food; animal production operations; slaughter and packing plants and associated regulatory and government workforce"

We are listed here as well in Jay Inslee's essential workforce: Found on page 11 (click here)

"Commercial Retail Stores, that supply essential sectors, including convenience stores, pet supply stores, auto supplies and repair, hardware and home improvement, garden stores and nurseries that support food cultivation and production, office supply stores that support working-from home, and home applianceretailers"

We also take relief from the lumber mills that produce bark. To keep up with wood production they need to keep their mill clear of bark and chips. We will remain open to allow them to keep their mill production.

1.We have installed a walk up window that keeps customers from being contained inside our office with other customers. Every in person transaction is made through a walk up window (outside) with a plexiglass shield.

2. All delivery orders will be taken over the phone. Customers are allowed to come to our site to look at our products while considering social distancing for others. But we will not be placing orders through the walk up window. Please call to make a delivery order.

3. We are not requiring signatures on all documents handled from customer to employee to limit pen distribution between multiple people.

4. Employees are wearing latex gloves and changing them between each transaction.

5. Delivery drivers are required to wear gloves and change them between each delivery. We are not mandating signatures on all documents but getting verbal confirmation from customers over the phone.

6. When customers do make a transaction on site we are giving them a seperate terminal to work with. Employees have a seperate terminal that is connected to their device they put their card into. 

7. When deliveries are made by our trucks to your home our drivers are directed to call the customer, dump in the driveway and then return back to the office. This will limit any interaction from employee to consumer. This is to ensure the safety of our crew and our customers. If this is a problem, please order after the pandemic is over. We want to limit all social interactions in any way we can. We will email you a copy of the receipt. ( Essentially the driver will not need to leave his dump truck to interact with the customer. So we will not be doing any deliveries that are not considered reasonable or safe locations to dump.)

8. With this plan of action we have met social distancing requirements and also have limited any touching or interactions from employee to consumer. This helps keep both the customer and employee as safe as possible during this time. So we will do everything we can to make a safe environment for everyone. There is a seperate policy designed just for employees to ensure cleanliness and social distancing is met, at all costs.

-Jacob Thomas


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