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Topsoil Lake Stevens 

We are the largest retail and wholesale Topsoil, Garden Mix & Compost provider in Lake Stevens Washington. We focus on providing only the highest quality topsoil at a competitive price. We offer delivery services as well as picked up services. Below are some of the gravel products we carry. Please visit our Products Page for more information on our products. For a free delivery price quote click the tab in the menu. 

We serve all of Snohomish County & North King County


This is a perfect blend for new lawns on a budget, brown sandy loam and composted manure are blended & screened 1/2 inch to make an effective mix for builders and those on tight budgets that still want a quality soil.

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Our 3 way Topsoil Premium is the best around.  This is the ideal blend for planting grass and general purpose use.  Consisting of composted manure, brown loam and sand. Screened to 1/2 inch. *USCC CERTIFIED*

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Gardenmix is the best choice for vegetable gardens and raised flowerbeds. We blend our 3 way with Ferti-Mulch and a black compost to help retain the moisture needed for these planting applications. This is an all purpose garden soil, ready to plant in, no additives necessary here.

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Fertil-Mulch is made of composted manure along with animal bedding (sawdust). It is a beautiful ground cover mulch, and is very nutrient rich. It is primarily used in garden beds or can be used as an additive to add organics to your existing soil. It has a wonderful chocolate brown color and there is no manure smell.  *USCC CERTIFIED*

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Bailey's Compost is made from shredded recycled yard waste and some manure that has been composted to a nice black color. This process is very similar to Cedar Grove Compost, but it produces a more thoroughly composted product and is much cleaner. It can be used for amending soil in flower and vegetable gardens.

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